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Consultations are offered for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you do not need a full, written evaluation at this time, though would like some answers or suggestions on what you can do at home. While no written report will be provided, we are able to complete testing and discuss results with you in order to help you determine the best plan of action. Consultations are not covered by insurance.


Evaluations are conducted in order to determine specific areas of weakness. We have a variety of standardized protocols and the ability to cover all the different domains of speech, language, and cognition. These include, but are not limited to, articulation, phonological processes, oral motor weaknesses, fluency, expressive language (use of language), receptive language (understanding of language), language processing (ability to understand and use vocabulary, grammar & follow directions), critical thinking, problem-solving and social skills. Each evaluation comes with a full, formal written report which includes test results, detailed analysis of performance, recommendations, treatment goals and, if applicable, a diagnosis.



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